Discrimination against Dalits comes in many forms. Let’s speak about discrimination and let your voice be heard! 

Have you been a victim of discrimination or witnessed discrimination due to your caste status?  Do you need support? When it comes to discrimination, you are your own best advocate and we are here to support you. #DalitLivesMatterNepal is here for you as you seek resources and will provide you with a platform for your voice to be heard.  We are ready to collaborate with you to advocate, educate, and rise up against discrimination.

How to register discrimination?
Step 1: Tell us your story by filling out the survey below.

Step 2:  Our team will contact you by phone. Depending on the urgency of your case, our team will generally respond to you within 5 days of your complaint registration.

Step 3: You and #DalitLivesMatterNepal will decide how to best work together to seek justice.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your personal details will be revealed.

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