We embrace strategic partnerships with diverse CSOs, youth networks, and the media to strengthen the Dalit movement

We invest in creating next-generation leaders to position long-term impact

We adopt the distributive justice model and transformative frameworks to build the agency of Dalit and socially excluded groups and reframe the pre-existing pejorative generations-old narratives.

We take a collaborative approach that engages Dalits and non-Dalits on the same footing

We learn from lived experiences and build a knowledge repository on pressing issues of Dalits and marginalized communities

We support advocacy to formulate, reform, and implement inclusive laws, policies, programs, and plans

We initiate strong liaisons with relevant government bodies, political party leaders, their sister organizations, and various umbrella organizations to create an enabling environment for policy actions

We document the caste-based atrocities and violence and bring these to the attention of concerned authorities and make them global issues.

We amplify the voices of the most marginalized to ensure systemic change.

We build solidarity with other rights-based movements. 


Human Rights, Justice, and Legal Support

Inclusion, Representation, Democracy, and Governance

Inclusive Education and Land Rights

Dignified Health and SRHR specially focused on Dalit women and the LGBTQI+ community

Gender Equity and Intersectionality of caste, gender, and Sexuality

Research and Evidence-Based Policy Advocacy

Migration, Anti-Trafficking, and Modern Slavery

Economic Justice and Climate Justice

Civic Carnival: Celebrating Marginalized Voices and Transforming Prejudices (Communication and Media)

Globalization of Caste Conversation